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McCartney at Dodger Stadium 

I wasn't even born when the last time Paul McCartney played Dodger Stadium with The Beatles, but I was lucky enough to go this past Sunday in LA and what I saw and heard just blew me away. Over 2 hours singing and playing onstage and every song was a hit at sometime. At 73 and looking extraordinary and in good voice.. I now know that the saying "Do what you love and it will keep you young" is really true. Way to go Sir Paul. Had a great time. Thank you.
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2 must see films for music fans 

I finally got to see two films recently that Ive really wanted to watch. The 1st is Studio City (Amazon Prime), Dave Grohl's fantastic homage to Studio City Recording Studios. It will blow you away how many famous groundbreaking records were cut there.  The 2nd is 20 Feet From Stardom (Netflix) - the behind the scenes struggles of background singers who struggle for recognition and stardom in their own right.  I highly recommend watching both.  RK