Rick Kelly has the kind of voice and a knack for melody that is both richly and warmly familiar, ranging from the pop styles of Adam Levine to John Mayer to Billy Joel. Yet it's different from anything else you have ever heard. He's like someone that you think you may have met before, but can't quite put your finger on when and where.
Kelly cut his teeth as a pop songwriter with multiple hits in Europe and Asia after extended stays in Nashville and New York.  This is his first album as an artist in his own right, and he delivers the goods.  Kelly bridges classic and contemporary pop songwriting skills with a voice that draws comparisons to many popular singers of today.  Kelly deftly navigates the self-penned material on this debut as it swings from Rock and Roll to slow jam to playful fun, while still keeping his identity as an artist.
His debut single is the title track from his debut album Dream of A Better Life, which was released in 2016
Dream of A Better Life is a breath of fresh air in its versatility and scope in an age of same sounding releases.  Mikal Blue co-produced the record with Kelly. Blue is best known for his hits with Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz.  Kelly says. “I grew up listening to the hits on the radio and to me it’s the ultimate creative puzzle, to write something totally new while making it irresistible and meaningful too”. 

Rick Kelly is currently performing around New York and in the studio writing new material.